2014-04-16, 18:42
Thank you Simon!
We booked with Simon and spent an unforgettable week trekking in the Simeon mountains, trekking between Gondar, Sankaber, Geech and Chenek, summiting at Buhayet (the tip of Mount Janamora), where we also took in great views of Ras Dejen, the highest peak in Ethiopia. Dawoud designed the itinerary to suit our needs perfectly and ensured we had a very pleasant (yet still tough!) week of trekking.
While we were supported in our trek, at no point did we feel part of a 'generic' tour like experience - it was more like having an old friend show you the way. Just perfect. The scenery was stunningly beautiful and we were lucky enough to share the experience with the Gelada baboons and Walia ibex that peppered the route. On our final day we also saw the infamous Simien fox. A truly wonderful experience and I would recommend Simon and his team to anyone who wants to explore the Simeon mountains."
2014-04-08, 15:30
We booked a full, two day tour with Simon around Bahir Dar and Gonder and had a great trip. Simon was very good at negotiating on behalf of us with student prices and even stood in as a tour guide for us. We were short on time on our last day, and he was very efficient in arranging transport so that we had as much time to do things as much as possible. He was also very flexible with timing, and did not mind when we asked to skip lunch and instead drive back to Bahir Dar to save time.
Anna Lisa
2014-03-30, 15:35
We recently booked with Simon for 2 days of touring Bahir Dar and Gonder-- we had a great time. Simon was great with getting us discounted student prices at the locations we visited, and he was extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!

My only suggestion would be that there be published prices for tours on the website so that we knew ahead of time how much we would pay, but we ended up negotiating a fair price together and had a great time.
Jason New York/USA
2014-03-11, 10:55
Living here in Gondar Ethiopia, working for an NGO; I have experienced and
witnessed many tour guides who simply look to scam tourist. They lack any qualifications to provide tourist with a meaningful travel experience or provide a short and poor quality tour for a ripoff price. However simonethiopiatours is
trustworthy and provides a quality travel experience for a fair price.
The staff at simonethiopiatours are very competent in English, very knowledgeable on Ethiopian history and cultural sites and very interpersonal. I personally
befriended Simone and found him very genuine as he always put the extra effort in to making me happy and making sure I had the best travel experience. He even
provided me with a well written Amharic dictionary so I can improve my Amharic skills while living here
2014-03-11, 07:03
Hello Simon thanks all for the services .it was pleasurable touring with you .your arrangements were impeccable and I enjoyed every moments of the trips in Ethiopia BAHIRDAR, GONDAR, LALIBELA, AXUM was fantastic paces for me.
So surely I would suggests your travel company to all of my friends.
Wish you a good working sprit!
Britney Melbourne /Australia January 2014
2014-03-11, 07:02
Hi Mr. Simon thanks you for the arrangements even in the last minute requests. Nice hotels, attractions, knowledgeable driver and always got us there on time. We miss you. Hope that you all are well and wish you good luck in your future business.
Dr. Andy and his friend Sara Sweden January 2014
2014-03-11, 07:02
Dear Simon thanks a lot for the fantastic package you had offered especially the northern part was great experience ,excellent trip, good driver, delicious food , and am satisfied with the trip and your good hospitality ! I rely thanks for the beautiful time we had in Ethiopia .it will keep my memories alive! And I am very much pleased to recommend your services to everyone in Germany
Best regards
Claudia, January 2014
2014-03-11, 06:59
Dear Simon thank you for your kindness & efforts taken to make my vacation in Gondar lalibela, Axum t trips pleasurable & memorable. I will definitely be in touch with you for the future and I told too many friends who want to visit Ethiopia next year and they were asked me to make some arrangements’ to see northern Ethiopia through Simon Ethiopia tour. And I will contact you direct with them.
Many thanks once again.
Ms. Elisabeth London/England January 2014
2014-03-11, 06:58
Dear Simon Ethiopia tour thanks so much for the wonderful time we had in Ethiopia Gondar, simian mountain, lalibela, Axum amusing historical tour. And we did have a marvelous holiday and much of that was due to the well-organized & planned trips@ Simon tour provided!! So I would recommend Simon Ethiopia tour to any of my friends here in Netherlands
Ms. Sandra January 2014
2014-03-11, 06:57
Hey Simon thanks to you we had a great time in Ethiopia in mounts ras dashen and you and your driver took a lot of trouble to ensure that everything went off smoothly. So we will definitely recommend your venture to our friends’ trips to Ethiopia.
Thank you so much!!
Mr. Harry & his friends September 2013
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While the other agencies listed here have been around for a long time, this brand-new company lacks a track record. However, the owner seems to have his act together.

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