South eastern tourism circuit:


Includes the Bale and Arsi highlands, the Harerge highland and the RiftValley South to Awash

  • Addis Ababa - Lake Hora and Debrezeit- Adama - Soderie - Asela - Bekoji -Adaba Dodola ecotourism site - Bale mountains National park - Sof omer cave-Shek Hussine mosque - Back to Wondo gent - Langano - Abjata - Zuway – AddisAbaba
  • Addis Ababa - Lake Hora & Debrezeit- Adama - Soderie - Metehar – Awashnational Park Asebeteferie - Denegego mountain chain - Kulibe Gebriel -Deridewa - Harer (the ancient building and the hyena-man)


South routes & Southern Ethiopia


Omo Value & National Park Arba Minch

Dorze Hamer

Surma Body people

Karo Ari

Tsemai Konso

Mursi Kangaton


  • Addis Ababa - Lake hora and Debrezeit - Lake Zeway - Lake Langano -Lake Abijata Shalla National park - Shashemene (Wondo-gent hot spring) -Lake Awassa - Wolayta and Tiya monuments - Arbamnch (the 40 springwater, Nechsar National Park – Konso – Jinka – Mago and Omo NationalParks - cultural attraction including Mursi, Karo, Humer Bena, Surma andBody culture




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