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Simon tours can rightfully boasts of excellent personal services to customized clients over the past few years. Our service have ingrained signature bench marks of excellence with a fantastic team of  committed personal, we can easily claim to be one of the pioneer  leading establishment who offer a broad and vibrant variety of travel and tour experiences to the premier segment and customized services with personal attention to quality service is our motto. We believe and work towards quality services. Yeas use our service and feel the differences of complete travel and relaxation!!!


Why we are always the best and chosen by our clients???

Our bench mark being….

-customized service with detail attention to quality

-personalized services

-Guaranteed value services

-Receiving of the guests on arrival and detailed discussion about the tour.

-The right selection of your accommodation in the most ideal locations that fits your budget

-A vehicle of your choice exclusively dedicated to the guest.

-No hidden charges

-A hassle free tour.

-Direct interaction through mobile phone with the driver and the guest till the end of the tour to confirm quality service.

- Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction

Simon tours and travel firm is recognized by Ethiopian Govt. tourism dept. and the world’s biggest and famous travel book writer and information updater company lonely planet

Yeas, Simon tours offer complete travel and tours services & we are reliable to the core

So much more …seeing is believes!


Simon Travel and Tours intends to provide travel and adventure packages to tourists primarily in the Northern and southern region, but also the whole parts of Ethiopia. Services and products provided by Simon Travel and Tours will initially include pre-arranged tours, custom packages according to client’s specifications, travel consultation, and as well as making reservations for lodging amongst other related services. Simon Travel and Tours seeks to differentiate itself as the premier adventure mobile operator in the greater area of the country. Our services will be positioned very carefully: they will be of extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailored to the client’s needs and interest such that they will enable individuals to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and cultural resources and its intricacies.


It is important to recognize that we do not intend to just take individuals on sightseeing excursions, but also to ensure that they appreciate nature through informative briefings on objects' origins. This element will assist in differentiating us from our competitors and contribute towards the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Hence we need to engage the right people in the right place at the right time if we are to ensure optimum growth. We intend to develop our team so that our people can grow as the company grows - a mutually beneficial relationship.


Simon Travel and Tours will have two other branches located specifically at, Bahirdar and Lalibela giving the customers the fastest, affordable and comfortable travel inside the country for domestic and international (foreign) tourists. Simon Travel and Tours is a travel company that intends to deliver leisure travel excursions to customers. Simon Travel and Tours intends to guide customers in selecting a trip(s) based on pre-defined vacation criteria. This analysis will be based on user profiles, set by the consumers, which include preferences such as:


  • Budget
  • Activities required
  • Destination, and
  • Time of Travel


Keys to Simon Travel and Tour Company


Excellence in fulfilling the promise:


We intend to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure that travelers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of their trip.


Timely response to customers' requests:


We cannot afford to delay our clients for whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing on our image and reputation, including future business. Hence we need to be continually communicating with the client, including hotels and lodges so as to ensure that we are constantly available to the client meeting their expectations.


Simon Travel and Tour Company will provide extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailored to the client’s needs and interest or preferences in Ethiopia on different types of tourism resources or attractions which are natural and cultural.


To sum up, Simon Travel and Tour Company has aim to be profitable through customer satisfaction and to become the leading Travel and Tour Company in Ethiopia.






General objective


Simon Travel and Tour Company has aim to be profitable through customer satisfaction and to become the leading Travel and Tour Company in Ethiopia.




Specific objective


  • To sell various itineraries and tour packages
  • To deal with all types of customers
  • To market the famous tourist destinations
  • To establish another branches
  • To satisfy domestic and international customers
  • Provision of employment to people in Ethiopia.


Company’s vision and mission




To see the company one of the leading travel and tour operator that is competent in international standards and provide satisfied services towards our respected customers by offering value for their price.






Internally we intend to create and foster a healthy, enthusiastic, respectful, and enjoyable environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the service we intend to provide.

In addition follow-up will be mandatory so as ensure customer satisfaction and make any improvements as recommended by the customers in future. We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the short and long term, and to fairly remunerate employees for the work and effort.



While the other agencies listed here have been around for a long time, this brand-new company lacks a track record. However, the owner seems to have his act together.

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